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Clients, Teammates, and Partners

LEGION enjoys strategic relationships across Government and industry. We firmly believe that developing and sharing them creates growth opportunities for all concerned. We are continuously seeking new customers and new opportunities to collaborate with other companies interested in retaining our services or partnering with us in the pursuit of emerging business.

For our Government Partners

LEGION is committed to providing the absolute highest quality of services to our US Government customers. We combine comprehensive technical capabilities across the Intelligence and Special Operations domains with a mature corporate infrastructure, managed and led by seasoned defense professionals, to design, deliver, manage, and sustain exceptional solutions across the requirements spectrum; whether personal services or performance-based and always within a cost structure that ensures consistent quality and optimal efficiency.

For Prospective Clients

LEGION offers prospective consulting clients a variety of innovative teaming approaches that maximize value by considering mutual strategic needs, available resources (B&P funds), supporting capabilities, and acquisition objectives in the structuring of our business relationships. In an era of diminishing opportunities and increasing pressure to operate as cost effectively as possible, our agility is as strong a value proposition as the impressive talents of our consultants. Some examples of previously successful approaches to consulting services include:

The Traditional Consultant Model

This traditional approach involves a flexible and competitive fee for services arrangement that can be structured either hourly or on a firm/fixed price basis depending on specific requirements.

The Consultant to Partner Model

This hybrid approach to client services enables us to transition from paid consultants (typically following the ID/IQ bid phase of a task order driven MAIDIQ opportunity) to teaming partner (at the task order level); adding LEGION's contractor capabilities to those of the prospective team and thereby significantly reducing the costs associated with bidding on individual task orders.  Following award, LEGION simply competes for work share like any other teammate with the important exception that it retains (and thus leverages) its intimate familiarity with the won opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of the prime contractor's program management and task order response processes.

The Partner to Consultant Model

This hybrid approach to client services enables us to transition from teaming partner to paid consultant at assessed critical junctures of the business development life cycle. Particularly in instances of unanticipated shortfalls, this enables LEGION to fill critical capability gaps for limited periods of time-- preserving resources while enhancing opportunity pursuits.

The Agility Model

This approach is limited only to the client's imagination and available resources. Although organized into three divisions, LEGION operates as one company. We are thus able to consider compensation models that benefit divisions other than the group providing its services. This includes but is not limited to providing consulting services in exchange for work share, profit share, or other considerations related to current or emerging business that satisfy the mutual strategic interests of all parties.

For Prospective Teammates

We regard our teaming partners (whether prime or subcontractor) as long term strategic allies on the path of continued opportunity and growth. Endowed with a corporate culture and applying a business approach that epitomizes agility, flexibility, and commitment, LEGION is a strong partner in any pursuit. We leverage our extensive capabilities in the business development realm and actively participate to the maximum extent possible, ensuring that our participation materially enhances both the likelihood of success and the quality of delivered services following award.

We observe three success principles in all our corporate relationships:

Be imaginative, agile, and flexible

We firmly believe that every viable and ethical teaming arrangement, business relationship, organizational structure, and opportunity approach must be considered in order to win-- this is how great ideas and great outcomes are born.

Maintain a strategic outlook

We understand that in business, we may be collaborators today, competitors tomorrow, and collaborators again the day after-- hence the actual value of a business relationship will only reveal itself over the long term. We thus strive to be the best partners we can at all times; adopting a reasonable approach to working with our prime contractors, teammates, and subcontractors alike and always promoting the mutual strategic benefits of collaboration.

Give without expectation of remuneration

We have enjoyed great success and could not have achieved it without the help of generous colleagues and partners. For this reason, we do our best to assist our partners even if there is nothing for us to gain.